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#1 — Self-serve as the 1st Step to Implementing PLG in Your SaaS Business

#1 — Self-serve as the 1st Step to Implementing PLG in Your SaaS Business

In today's episode, we delve into the critical role of self-service in setting the stage for Product-Led Growth (PLG) in the SaaS industry. Our seasoned speakers, Gururaj Pandurangi and Suman Chittimuri, with their rich experiences in the tech world, share invaluable insights on how self-serve features can effectively pave the way for PLG. They discuss the associated challenges, the crucial importance of data analytics, and the early product and user-focused mindset that's paramount for success.

About the Speakers:

Our esteemed speakers bring a wealth of experience from diverse roles in the SaaS industry. Their expertise spans well-known tech organizations like Microsoft and ADP, and innovative startups. They share their unique perspectives, trials, and triumphs from their individual journeys navigating growth strategies.

Where to find our speakers:

Gururaj Pandurangi-
Suman Chittimuri-

Highlights of the Conversation:

(00:00) Suman’s learnings

(00:30) Introduction to the Product Growth Conversation Series

(02:24) Speakers' backgrounds and their experience with growth strategies

(08:21) Introduction to self-service as the first step to implementing PLG

(14:48) The power of data in refining growth strategies

(17:06) Transitioning from SLG to PLG: Experiences and insights

(20:45) Importance of an early product and user-focused mindset

(22:24) Why transitioning from SLG to PLG is tougher than the reverse   

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