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#3 — Impact of Customer Discovery on Shaping Products

#3 — Impact of Customer Discovery on Shaping Products

Dallas Fontaine Reveals the Why's, What's, and How's of Shaping Products and Businesses through Customer Insights

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Get ready for a riveting episode of ThriveCast! Our host, Gururaj Pandurangi, is sitting down with Dallas Fontaine, co-founder of He is a whiz in the world of customer discovery. Together they're going to dissect customer discovery from all angles, and with Dallas spilling the beans on the why's, what's, and how's, you're in for a treat. If you've ever wondered about the impact of customer discovery on shaping products and businesses, you don't want to miss this one! 

What you're going to love about this episode: 

  • Why Customer Discovery Matters: Explore why customer discovery is a game-changer, essential for your product and business's success.

  • The Nitty-Gritty of Customer Discovery: Dallas will guide you through the step-by-step process to master your customer discovery journey.

  • What Customers Want vs. Need: Learn the techniques to distinguish between customer wants and genuine needs, a crucial skill in product development.

  • Adjusting Your Assumptions: Discover effective strategies for when your initial assumptions about customers need recalibration.

  • Data or Gut?: Delve into the art of balancing data-driven decision-making and intuition in the customer discovery process.

  • The Impact Factor: Uncover how customer discovery can be a catalyst for business growth and lasting success.

Meet Dallas: 

Dallas Fontaine isn't just a pro in customer discovery; he's a treasure trove of knowledge and experience. He's got a ton of valuable insights and practical advice to share, and he's not holding back. Prepare to dive deep into the world of customer discovery and see how it can transform your business! 

Recommended Reading: 

During the conversation, Dallas mentioned and recommended a few insightful resources: 

  1. "The Mom Test" – A book that presents practical advice on how to talk to customers and learn if your business idea is viable when everyone else is lying to you - 

  1. "Deploy Empathy" – A guide that offers a comprehensive perspective on how to develop products people genuinely care about - 

  1. Embroker's startup statistics blog post: 

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