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#4 — How does a Startup Implement Growth?

#4 — How does a Startup Implement Growth?

Exploring Growth Secrets with Anuj Adhiya: Insights, Strategies, and Real Talk for Success.

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Welcome to another informative episode of Thrivecast! In this episode, our host Gururaj Pandurangi has a thoughtful discussion with Anuj Adhiya, the author of "Growth Hacking for Dummies" and an experienced professional in the field of growth. Anuj brings his wealth of expertise in growth hacking, community building, and talent optimization to the conversation, offering valuable insights on achieving genuine growth.

What you're going to love about this episode: 

  • Unveiling the Secrets of Growth: Anuj demystifies the art of growth hacking, discussing the importance of a clear North Star metric and a well-defined activation metric in driving growth. 

  • Behavioral Insights: Learn about the behavioral traits a growth leader should possess, from being a rule-breaker to an influencer within the organization. 

  • Growth Culture: Anuj shares how to build a culture of growth within an organization, bringing the entire organization together to focus on growth goals. 

  • Practical Tips: From conducting effective stand-ups to implementing growth strategies, Anuj shares practical tips that can help growth leaders move the needle. 

  • Real Talk: Get insights from Anuj's personal experiences and learn about the importance of fit between the growth leader and the organization's growth needs.


Meet Anuj:  

Anuj Adhiya is a certified talent optimization leader with a demonstrated history of implementing principles that lead to authentic growth. He is skilled in extracting growth insights from qualitative and quantitative data that drive continuous improvement for businesses. A well-known name in the industry, Anuj has authored "Growth Hacking for Dummies," providing a comprehensive guide to driving growth in today's competitive business landscape. 

Where to find Anuj Adhiya:  

Where to find Gururaj:

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