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#6 — Unveiling the Pillars of Customer-Centric Growth in PLG

#6 — Unveiling the Pillars of Customer-Centric Growth in PLG

Exploring PMF, User Insights, and the Power of PLG with Dr. Elsa van der Berg

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Tune in to our latest podcast episode where Dr Else van der Berg, a leading expert in customer-driven strategies, elucidates the intricacies of product/market fit, growth optimization, and the power of customer insights for business success. This episode offers a deep dive into the criticality of knowing your target audience, strategically identifying opportunities, effective user research, and the implementation of growth frameworks. Get a glimpse of Dr Else's vast experience and learn how a customer-centric approach can stimulate significant growth and enhance your business's revenue potential. 

What you're going to love about this episode: 

  • The importance of understanding customer jobs to be done 

  • Methods to conduct effective customer interviews and gather valuable insights 

  • The role of product-led growth (PLG) in startup success 

  • Challenges and benefits of implementing PLG strategies 

  • The significance of analytics and measurement in PLG implementation 

  • The value of focusing on power users and churned users in product development 

  • Considerations when choosing between PLG and sales-led growth (SLG) approaches 

  • The role of audience segmentation and targeting in PLG  

About the Speaker: 

Dr Else van der Berg: An accomplished professional wearing many hats - a PLG expert, blogger, and product expert. Dr Else is driven by her passion for identifying and understanding target audiences, working with clients to craft compelling narratives, and developing must-have products that fuel word-of-mouth recommendations.

About Sonderhouse: 

Sonderhouse: Based in Berlin, Germany, Sonderhouse is a consultancy firm that specializes in assisting startups and scale-ups achieve product/market fit and steer businesses towards market leadership. With expertise in areas like conversion rate optimization, customer journey analysis, and new market expansion, Sonderhouse aids businesses in achieving market leadership and increased revenues. Learn more about Sonderhouse on their website

Where to find Dr. Else van der Berg:

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