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#23 — Building Bridges: The Quest for a Unified Playbook in SaaS Growth ft. Arjun Saksena

#23 — Building Bridges: The Quest for a Unified Playbook in SaaS Growth ft. Arjun Saksena

Explore the challenges of growth silos in the SaaS landscape and embark on a journey to discover the potential of a unified playbook.

Welcome to the latest episode of our podcast featuring Arjun Saksena, CEO of Humanic, who brings his extensive experience from leading tech giants like Adobe and Yahoo. Arjun delves into how PLG is reshaping sales and marketing strategies, emphasizing the power of data and collaboration across organizational silos to drive growth.

Whether you're deeply embedded in the tech world or just keen on the latest in SaaS innovation, this discussion offers critical insights into the evolving landscape of tech marketing.

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Key Timestamps

  • (0:00) Introduction: Overestimation of PLS adoption in sales​.

  • (0:57) Arjun Saksena's background and the inception of​.

  • (4:56) The challenges of onboarding complexity due to feature proliferation​.

  • (7:04) Evolution of SaaS from siloed departments to an interdependent model​.

  • (8:08) The rise of companies building bridges between Salesforce, Adobe, and Atlassian​.

  • (11:23) Discussion on the interconnectedness required in SaaS and the limitations of current bridges​.

  • (13:18) The importance of understanding sales dynamics and the disposable income aspect​.

  • (14:00) Challenges in adopting PLS signals by sales teams and the approach towards data people​.

  • (16:24) The specificity of PLS models to companies and the difficulty in creating general-purpose models​.

  • (19:08) PLS companies struggle with enterprise go-to-market strategies and the overestimation of sales adoption​.

  • (24:39) The potential improvement in sales by combining multiple bridges like MQL and product usage data​.

  • (26:23) The need for partnerships and strategic alignment in evolving the sales and PLS landscape​.

  • (29:42) The shift towards a partnership model and the challenge of adopting new technology in a market resistant to change​.

Journey into PLG

Arjun begins with his early experiences in the tech industry, where he observed the initial challenges companies faced in adopting PLG. He shares stories from his time at Adobe and Yahoo, highlighting the pivotal moments that shaped his understanding of PLG's potential and pitfalls.


  • Importance of flexibility and adaptability in sales roles within PLG models.

  • Leveraging user behavior data to redefine sales strategies.

Challenges and Realizations

Through anecdotes, Arjun examines the common misconceptions around sales roles in PLG and the transformative realization of the importance of data-driven strategies. He shares a pivotal moment when data debunked longstanding hypotheses at Adobe, leading to significant shifts in approach.


  • Challenging and changing long-standing industry norms with data.

  • The pivotal role of data in driving cross-functional collaboration.

Building Bridges

Arjun's narrative then transitions to the core of his mission – dismantling silos within organizations. He recounts his journey of developing strategies to foster collaboration between departments, using real-world examples from his career to illustrate the challenges and solutions.


  • Strategies for fostering collaboration across departments.

  • Overcoming organizational silos through unified strategies.

Innovative Solutions

The discussion culminates in Arjun's insights into creating innovative PLG strategies that leverage data and cross-functional collaboration. He shares success stories and lessons learned, offering listeners actionable advice for implementing PLG in their organizations.


  • Developing user-centric product features based on data analytics.

  • The impact of PLG strategies on user retention and conversion.

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