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#15 — Modern GTM for Developer focused companies ft. Achintya Gupta

In-Depth Strategies and Success Stories in Developer-Centric GTM

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Join us in this episode of Thrive Cast as Gururaj Pandurangi sits down with Achintya Gupta, the visionary Co-Founder of In an industry where understanding the developer's mindset is key, Achintya sheds light on the unique challenges of Developer Go-to-Market strategies. With a wealth of experience in fintech and developer tools, Achintya offers actionable insights into crafting GTM strategies that resonate with both developers and buyers. From discussing the success stories of HashiCorp, Elastic, and Confluent to highlighting the importance of data-driven decision-making and cross-departmental collaboration, this episode is a treasure trove for anyone looking to make an impact in the developer-focused product space.

Here's what's in store for you:

(0:00) Introduction and Background

(3:59) Developer GTM: Overview

(6:40) Challenges in Developer GTM

(9:05) Developer vs. Buyer Motivations

(10:51) Developer Experience Importance

(14:15) Success Stories in GTM

(18:30) Users vs. Buyers: Differences

(20:00) Targeting Strategies

(23:20) Avoiding GTM Mistakes

(25:57) Closing Thoughts and Advice

About understands the unique needs and challenges of developers in the market. By providing revenue intelligence specifically tailored for DevTools and Developer Facing Marketing, ensures that developers have the necessary tools and insights to succeed in their buying journey. With a focus on Dev GTM and DevTool Sales, empowers businesses to effectively reach and engage with developers, ultimately driving revenue growth in this specialized market. : Revenue Intel for Developer focused Go-To-Market

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