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#14 — Implementing Self-Serve Monetization ft. Robin Gauvreau

#14 — Implementing Self-Serve Monetization ft. Robin Gauvreau

Robin discusses how self-serve signups are changing e-commerce.

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Explore the innovative e-commerce strategies with Robin Gauvreau, Head of Product at, in this ThriveCast episode. Host Gururaj Pandurangi uncovers Robin's transition from HR to product management, the growing trend of self-serve signups, and how leverages Product-Led Growth (PLG). Learn about Robin's unique user engagement tactics and growth tools, including the "reverse trial" method.

Here's what's in store for you:

(00:00) Introduction and Background of Robin Gauvreau.

(00:47) The Inception and Mission of

(02:07) Self-Serve Signups and E-commerce Impact.

(04:14) Building PLG and User Feedback.

(05:40) Strategies for Growth and International Expansion.

(09:51) User Acquisition and Engagement Techniques.

(13:04) Monetization and 'Reverse Trial' Method.

(17:27) Managing Product Features and User Experience.

(21:59) Closing Thoughts and Advice for Product Leaders.

Tools used by Robin:

About is changing the e-commerce game with its Partnership Acceleration Platform. Based in France, it helps e-retailers find new customers through targeted partnerships. With features like finding new brands and tracking campaign results, it's a tool that's making a big difference for e-merchants. As they prepare to launch, is set to change how e-merchants partner up.

Check them out at:

Screenshots (as mentioned in the podcast):

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