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#13 — Trials and tribulations of PLG implementation ft. Aditya & Angad, Sumo Logic

#13 — Trials and tribulations of PLG implementation ft. Aditya & Angad, Sumo Logic

Sumo Logic's Journey Through Product-Led Growth - Insights on Buy-In, Strategy Integration, and Trial Management Challenges

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In this episode of Thrivecast, we feature Angad Singh and Aditya Gaur from Sumo Logic, who offer their unique perspectives on adopting Product-Led Growth (PLG) within their organization. We focus on the journey from a traditional sales-led approach to a product-centric strategy, discussing the inherent challenges, effective strategies, and the critical role of elements like self-service and trial plans in shaping go-to-market strategies.

Here's What You Can Expect:

(00:00) - Introduction and Overview

(01:01) - Angad Singh on Sumo Logic's Shift to PLG

(03:32) - Aditya Gaur's Role in Engineering and PLG at Sumo Logic

(05:22) - Challenges in Transitioning to PLG and Getting Buy-In

(10:27) - Strategies for Aligning Product and Marketing Teams Towards PLG

(14:16) - Revamping Self-Service and Onboarding for PLG

(19:44) - Managing Free and Trial Plans, and the Approach to Freemium Models

(23:00) - Recommendations for Industry Peers on Adopting PLG

(26:53) - Automation and Management of Free/Trial Plans

(30:04) - Discussion on Feature Access and Usage Caps in Freemium Models

(34:22) - Future Directions in PLG and Sales Integration

(36:30) - War Stories and Lessons Learned from PLG Implementation

About Sumo Logic:

Sumo Logic is a cloud-based machine data analytics company focused on security, operations, and BI use-cases. The company provides a platform that enables enterprises to build, run, and secure their applications and cloud infrastructures. Sumo Logic is known for its innovative approach and has recently embarked on a journey to adopt a more product-led growth model, aligning their product development and marketing strategies to drive user engagement and growth.

Get to Know Angad Singh & Aditya Gaur:

  • Angad Singh, Principal Product Manager at Sumo Logic, has been instrumental in the company's PLG transition, focusing on onboarding and user experience.

  • Aditya Gaur, Director of Engineering at Sumo Logic, has significantly contributed to the company's growth and PLG strategies.

Where to Find Angad Singh & Aditya Gaur:

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