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#12 — How should early stage startups think of starting a PLG journey? ft. Maja Voje

#12 — How should early stage startups think of starting a PLG journey? ft. Maja Voje

Insights from Maja Voje on Business Scaling, User Connection, and Pricing Strategies

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Welcome to another episode of ThriveCast! Gururaj Pandurangi chats with Maja Voje, a renowned growth advisor with a global reputation. From her experiences with big names like Google and Rocket Internet to her much-anticipated upcoming book Go-To-Market Strategist, Maja offers a fresh look at product-led growth. In their chat, they discuss the ins and outs of growing a business, the challenges of pricing, and how to connect with users genuinely.

Here's what you can expect:

  • 00:00 - Introduction to Maja and her work.

  • 02:03 - Discussion on how early-stage startups and technical founders should start thinking about PLG (Product-Led Growth).

  • 03:14 - Avoiding excessive customer calls and personal contact in the initial stages of a startup.

  • 04:03 - Gaining initial awareness for a self-serve PLG product.

  • 09:41 - Qualifying customers and inbound leads in a PLG model.

  • 15:22 - Customer conversations and making them more qualified.

  • 19:09 - Discussion on optimizing for adoption versus pricing.

  • 26:19 - Experimenting with pricing and willingness to pay.

  • 31:58 - Discussing 'try before you buy' models like free trials, freemium, or reverse trials.

  • 43:17 - Conclusion and how to reach out to Maja for more insights.

Get to Know Maja Voje:

Maja's time in the startup world is full of exciting stories. As a growth advisor recognized around the globe, her experiences range from working at tech powerhouses to sharing her expertise in her book that launches today! If you're interested in product-led growth, Maja's insights will not be missed.

Where to find Maja Voje:

Where to find Maja’s book:

About Go-To Market Strategist:

The book "Go-To-Market Strategist" is an actionable guide designed to help readers achieve product-market fit. It features insights from over 50 industry experts, 135 practical frameworks, and 9 workshop templates. The book promises a step-by-step GTM strategy, hands-on experience from GTM experts, and confidence in decision-making through field-tested frameworks and models. It is written for pragmatists, aiming to take ideas to scalable growth, focusing on what is mission-critical and guiding readers from being overwhelmed to hyperfocused.

Where to find Gururaj:


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