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#29 - 1/2 Amplitude Plus Plan - A leap into Self-Service and transparent pricing ft. Katya Fuentes

#29 - 1/2 Amplitude Plus Plan - A leap into Self-Service and transparent pricing ft. Katya Fuentes

Amplitude's journey to the Plus plan and its impact on SaaS growth strategies

Welcome to our latest episode, where we spotlight Katya Fuentes from Amplitude and the strategic shift that's reshaping the SaaS world. With roots in Ukraine and now innovating in the Bay Area, Katya has been instrumental in advancing product-led growth at Amplitude. In this episode, she shares insights on the Plus plan's launch, a key initiative under her stewardship, which marks a new chapter for Amplitude in enhancing user experience and driving growth.

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The Evolution of Amplitude

Launching the Plus Plan

The introduction of the Plus plan at Amplitude was a strategic move to extend its offerings to startups and SMBs, previously underserved by the platform's pricing and plan structure.

  • Market Gap: Recognized the need for an affordable, self-serve option to attract startups and SMBs.

  • PLG Escalator: Aimed to facilitate growth from individual users to enterprise-level engagement with a starting price of $49 a month for 1K MTUs.

  • Development Journey: The Plus plan was shaped over two years, from initial concept through beta testing to refinement.

  • Launch Timing: After careful analysis, the launch was set for October 17, 2023, ensuring the plan met market needs.

  • Collaborative Effort: The launch was a concerted effort by product, marketing, growth, engineering, and sales teams.

Team Structure and Dynamics Post-Plus Plan Launch

In response to the Plus plan's rollout, Amplitude experienced a dynamic shift, driving collaboration and adaptation across its teams.

  • Teams across product, marketing, and growth aligned under shared goals, focusing on the Plus plan's success metrics.

  • The growth team evolved into specialized pods, including acquisition, retention, and monetization, each laser-focused yet unified in purpose.

  • Initial sales team resistance transformed into acceptance as clear guidelines and strategic enablement clarified the Plus plan's role in Amplitude's ecosystem.

  • A revised compensation structure motivated sales teams to identify prospects for whom the Plus plan was an ideal fit, marrying individual incentives with company-wide objectives.

This approach showcases Amplitude's internal pivot towards a more integrated and goal-oriented structure following the Plus plan introduction, emphasizing the active roles and adaptability of its teams.

Plus Launch Campaign Highlights

  • The launch campaign was highly cross-functional, bringing together multiple departments to ensure a cohesive message and strategy.

  • Employed a dual strategy targeting both new prospects and existing customers to drive self-serve monetization.

  • Featured an engaging homepage modal with a hype video that effectively communicated the benefits of the Plus plan and got people excited about it.

  • Live demos were key, offering a practical showcase of the Plus plan, leading to higher engagement and interest.

  • Utilized personalized in-product nudges and a customized pricing modal, guiding users seamlessly towards the Plus plan.

Key Timestamps

  • (00:00) Aligning Teams with Unified Pipeline Metrics

  • (00:49) Introducing Katya Fuentes

  • (03:11) Amplitude's Growth Strategy Evolution

  • (07:41) Strategic Shifts and Organizational Changes for the Plus Plan

  • (10:20) Sales Concerns and Compensation Structure Adjustments

  • (13:47) Launching the Plus Plan: Strategies and Outcomes

  • (18:21) Engineering's Crucial Contribution to the Launch

  • (21:00) Mapping the Customer Journey Post-Plus Plan Launch

  • (25:30) Marketing Tactics and Market Response to the Plus Plan

  • (30:00) Synergy Between Engineering, Product, and Growth Teams

  • (34:00) Reflecting on the Launch and Looking Ahead

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